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V Magazine Article - TYPOS:

Tuesday, May 31st, 2005

V MAGAZINE - issue 35 - SUMMER 05.
I’ve written an article about Scott and the film for the big fashion glossy V (one of the editors, born in Cincinnati, fell in love with Scott’s ‘Light’s of Cincinnati’ and commissioned the article from me.)

HOWEVER - there is a TYPO- here is the correction:

Whoever edited the article was apparently not familiar with the term MOR and changed it to the word ‘more’, so when I meant to say that on his first album, Scott served up MOR slush like Tony Bennett’s “When Joanna Loved Me” along side perverse translations of Brel songs….it reads in the magazine as “served up more slush like Tony Bennett’s “When Joanna Loved Me”….not exactly the sentiment I had in mind!

Also, somehow where I had decided to call Alison Goldfrapp ‘the universally acclaimed sci-fi songstress…’, they changed it to ‘futuro-singer’, but misspelled THAT as ‘futro-singer’ (!?!?!) what the hell?� So, sorry Allison - And thanks to all the artists who have appeared on camera thus far - the film is starting to look amazing.