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Monday, April 24th, 2006

Cribbed from the 4AD website…highlights of recent press - see UPDATED ALBUM PRESS page for full reviews…

Here’s a selection of British reviews :

“extraordinary … close to genius” Observer

“a record that genuinely sounds like nothing you have heard before … a frightening, bewitching and rewarding experience” Uncut

“the most weighty album to be released by a major artist this year, possibly this decade” Independent

“comparisons are pointless : amid pop’s endless self-regurgitation, that’s surely reason enough to tune in” Daily Telegraph

“there’s not a minute of The Drift that isn’t utterly thrilling” The Guardian

“to be listened to in total darkness, lying on your back on the carpet, completely alone” Independent On Sunday (Album Of The Week)

“absolutely compelling” Observer Music Monthly (Album Of The Month)

“as utterly singular as Tilt, The Drift marks Scott Walker as the true forefather to figures like Anthony Hegarty; his voice fluttering like a dove over a blackened landscape” NME

“the most extraordinary album I’ve heard in years … I can’t help but feel fascinated by it” Daily Express (Album Of The Week)

“Scott Walker … is making music that few others could even imagine” Mojo

“one of the most compelling, exhausting and harrowingly beautiful records you’ll ever hear” Time Out

“The Drift” release party @ The Drafthouse, Austin

Monday, April 17th, 2006