“…in a world filled with friends…”

good people; please cast your eyes to the friends section to the right and click on ‘cathal coughlan’ and explore the world of this extraordinary musician.  Have just come from his extraordinary gig at Bush Hall where we were slathered in oldies and newies (from his new album Foburg) and left panting for more.  The tatty splendour of  Bush Hall could barely contain the inferno that is CC. Magnificent.  (He features far too briefly in our humble film, but he will return ten-fold on the DVD.)

2 Responses to ““…in a world filled with friends…””

  1. Miguel Says:

    He does that amazing cover of Everything I Do (I Do It For You)!

    I got a Fatima Mansions cd years ago and it was great but I lost it before I ripped my library to computer :(

  2. Anne Says:

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