“Copenhagen you’re the end…”

“…gone and made me child again…”


From the port of Thessaloniki…to the sunny streets of Copenhagen. NatFilm Festivalen started with a Dim Sum dinner and a concert by the amazing Bonnie “Prince” Billy. (see updated pics.) Screened the film once at the brilliant Cinemateket/Danish Film Institute (which also houses the restaurant/cafe Sult which has the greatest weekend brunch buffet on the Earth. And - now this is for the Scott Walker nerd elite…there is, of course, a poster for the film “Sult” (”Hunger” in English) in the cafe, one of SW’s favorite films, based on one of his favorite books, by Knut Hamsun. So there. ) Anyway, hunger be damned, we gorged ourselves and then feasted on the rarely screened Jodorowsky mindbender “El Topo.”

Next stop was a screening in the city of Aarhus, three hours away by train, in the sweetest cinema on the Earth, Ost for Paradis.

Camera battery died or I would have taken a few snaps of this historic building, a real gem of an arthouse - a real dying breed, run by an amazing man who has seen many generations of moviegoers come and go. He told us that Laurel and Hardy actually performed there on the last night of their European Tour many moons ago - and that Hardy got so drunk after the show he needed to be rolled back to his hotel in a wheelbarrow. As did we - what a tour…and it’s just kicking off…looking forward to HotDocs and the UK release. The UK press is starting to roll in, starting with a four star review in Empire.

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