BBC Scott vs. Cinema Scott

Just FYI y’all…many of you in the UK probably saw an hour-long ‘version’ of SW30 last night, presented by the honorable Mr. Alan Yentob - just to clarify - it was a very much re-edited version, presented with a slightly different point-of-view and and with some material that is not actually in the film, and excluding some great stuff that is in the film - SO - while we are thrilled with the presentation of Scott’s story on the BBC, we urge you to continue to head to the cinemas to check it out on a BIG screen, played LOUDLY, in all its 95 min glory! Part of Scott’s motivation for being involved was that it was a cinematic endeavor, and we’d love for you to experience it as such.

Cheers folks.

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  1. Dek Says:

    I did indeed watch that documentary and have now become an instant Scott Walker fan. I hope to see the full-length version soon.
    I’ve now bought ‘The Drift’. I can safely say that the man is a terrifying genius.
    It’s unlike anything I’ve heard before. Poetry from another world, beautiful and horrific. I intend to purchase his entire back catalog. He is truly from some strange other dimension. Much love.

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