30 Century Manchester

Our UK theatrical run continues apace with screenings starting tomorrow (June 1) at the Cornerhouse Manchester, followed by dates in Oxford, Lancaster, Edinburgh, Derby, Brighton, etc - check our distributor’s site for the latest.

and I’m honored to include this latest comment about the film to the list, from one of my favorite artists, a great inspiration throughout the years, Laurie Anderson:

“A staggering movie! Scott Walker is one of my all time favorite musicians and the movie is big and generous and totally absorbing. An introduction to the beautiful and radical work of a genius.”

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  1. paul Says:

    Hey Stephen, we met at the opening in NYC with Mia and her friends (and mine) from Philadelphia John and Hiroshi. We all really loved the film and were talking about it for weeks after.

    I was wondering about 2 things:

    1. Did you know that Tracey Thorn from Everything But the Girl made some glowing remarks about the film on her My Space blog?

    2. About the DVD release - can you let us know if there are going to be any extras that weren’t in the film?

    Brooklyn, NY

  2. Kijak Says:

    Thanks Paul - great to meet you all too, so glad you could be there. And 1.) no, I did not know that, thanks for the heads up, that’s nice to know as I was listening to EBTG back in high school! and 2.) Yes, there will be a lot of extras, mainly additional interviews, as more music just costs heaps more $$, but it’s all good stuff.

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