“I journey tonight…”


The SW30 World tour keeps on rolling - it’s been amazing meeting friends and fans in all corners of the globe, including a woman named Yasue who flew from Japan to Sydney to see the film! June was a busy month, with screening firing off in Provincetown, Silversprings Maryland and in Finland.

Upcoming festival dates announced for New Zealand, Melbourne, and Jerusalem. Check the Film Festivals page for more details.


3 Responses to ““I journey tonight…””

  1. Rob Says:

    Steven, any word on a release date for a U.S. DVD?


  2. Jason Says:

    Hey Stephen, really excellent job on your Scott Walker biopic. I saw it during the film festival in Provincetown last month, along with nineteen other films that I saw there since I had a festival pass, and your film was in my top three favorites. My knowledge of Scott Walker was totally peripheral before seeing the documentary, and I was definitely engrossed/entranced throughout watching it (enough that I’ve bought some of Scott Walker’s CDs since). Great selection of interviewees…and recording them while they listened to Scott Walker’s records was a very nice touch just to show their reactions, however subtle; that’s not something I’ve ever seen done in a music documentary before. The psychedelic/kaleidoscopic graphics during the segues were phenomenal as well.  thanks again for the fabulous, informative film. Cheers! — Jason

  3. Kijak Says:

    cheers jason, rob…hang on for an announcement about a US release soon…

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