BAFTA nominations


I want to congratulate my tireless, fearless and all around brilliant producer Mia Bays for being nominated for a BAFTA award (The British Academy Film Awards) for the Carl Foreman Award for Special Achievement by a British Writer, Director of Producer in their First Feature Film. She’s still working non-stop to get the film out in the US and beyond and I couldn’t have done it without her. Official nominee list below…

The Carl Foreman Award
(For special achievement by a British director, writer or producer in their first feature film)

Chris Atkins (Director/Writer) - Taking Liberties
Mia Bays (Producer) - Scott Walker: 30 Century Man
Sarah Gavron (Director) - Brick Lane
Matt Greenhalgh (Writer) - Control
Andrew Piddington (Director/Writer) - The Killing Of John Lennon


UPDATE: Congratulations to the winner, Matt Greenhalgh for “Control”! Here’s the clip of the announcement of the nominees & winner.

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