invited to Toronto Documentary Forum

Our film is one of 30 projects selected for the prestigious Toronto Documentary Forum , an invitational pitch forum for works-in-progress to find broadcast partners, additional funding, etc. It takes place during HotDocs, the Toronto Documentary Festival - pretty much the best Doc fest in the world. Congrats to all the other projects! See you in Toronto…

(note:  TDF is not open to the public, and the promo will  not be shown during HotDocs)

5 Responses to “invited to Toronto Documentary Forum”

  1. Morgaine Swann Says:

    That’s wonderful! I hope you get everything you need. Congratualtions!

  2. Cristina Says:


    I have a couple of questions about the artists who were interviewed for this film. How did you get people involved? Did you approach them or did they hear about it and contact you? The list is quite impressive.

  3. Kijak Says:

    I just started tracking down Scott Walker fans, sometimes through personal connections, and a good deal of the time with the help of our amazing music coordinator/supervisor Tanya Sweeney (bio comming soon…) Scott just sort of commands respect - getting people to say yes was not the hard part, it was working with their schedules - rock stars are busy people!

  4. Rob Says:

    So, if I’m understanding right, an unfinished version of the documentary will be screened in order to get more funding? What is the date, by the way?

  5. Kijak Says:

    5 min ’screening’ and then presentation/meetings. Industry only, not a public event - would be sort of boring to watch 30 producers begging for money all day! ;-)

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