Not that it should be news to anybody, but yes, the 11 year wait is OVER.  There it was on the New Releases shelf at the HMV in Victoria Station - I bought five.  Come on fellow UK-based Plastic Palace People…can we nudge our man Scott into the Top 20?  If a Scott & Walker Bros. best-of can enter the charts at #24…well, that’s saying something isn’t it?  So, well done all you die-hards, let’s knock that damned Snow Patrol down a few notches, and what’s with Pearl Jam and that bloody avocado album? Get lost you tired fuckers, make way for the Drifter…

US release is, as again, many of you know, delayed to the 21st or so - hold on…brace yourselves…

12 Responses to “THE DRIFT is OUT NOW”

  1. Howard Says:

    The US release was delayed until the 23rd, new releases come out on Tuesdays over here.

    I’m hoping to find an import copy tomorrow, wish me luck!

  2. Michael Hughes Says:

    Carumba! This is the first I’ve heard about a delay on the US release. Tarnation. At least the record is in heavy rotation on WFMU.

  3. Howard Says:

    …and I was told today (by staff at Other Music) that “manufacturing problems” led to a re-call and delayed release date for the UK!?!?

  4. paul Says:

    I looked for the import at Virgin but they didn’t have it.

    David Garland on WNYC is going to play The Drift in its entirety this Sunday at 7PM (EST).

  5. Rob Says:

    USA release date has been pushed back yet again….according to all online retailers….to June 6.

  6. Mystic Says:

    Silly U.S. distributers! Alas, I could not wait the extra 2 weeks for US release and ordered direct from the U.K.
    Devestiating! Amazing work that will stun folks 50 years from now.
    Welcome Back Scott!! You have risen above “Tilt” and left me with my heart in the abyss and my mouth on the floor!!

  7. Howard Says:

    Kim’s on St. Marks Place (NYC) has it today!

  8. Rob Says:

    USA ‘DRIFT’ CD release date has been pushed back again…… June 6.

  9. paul Says:

    i got The Drift for 12.99 (definitely not an import price) at Other Music on Sunday. They said they had it since earlier last week.

    it’s tremendous

  10. Mystic Says:

    The amazing thing about this current work is its jarring ability to jolt the listener to actively partcipate by paying attention to what’s being presented. The average music consumer isn’t going to take the time required to absorb what’s being related ( sorry folks this ain’t 4/4).
    This most assuredly is a monumental work that will be talked about 50 years from now.
    Has anyone gotten hold of a domestic copy? Just wondering of the packaging is as enhanced with a slip case as it’s European edition.

  11. Gilbert Neal Says:

    Wonderful, scary record. Last time I heard punching like that, I was in a brothel.

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