An early plug in the Indiewire 2006 doco wrap-up.

Variety Announces Berlin’s Panorama line-up.

Pitchfork announces UK release/Berlin FF screenings.

Indiewire :BERLIN ‘07 DAILY DISPATCH | In 3 New Berlinale Docs, Exploring Enigmatic Artists

Variety reports on the high-profile fans who helped Walker…

Interview with S Kijak on Germany’s Radioeins.

And for any German speaking fans checking in - a short video segment/interview on Arte.

netLOUNGE’s Berlin interview with S Kiijak.

Video: part of the post-Berlin screening Q&A posted here.

eFilmCritic’s SXSW interview with director Stephen Kijak. (eCritic PDF)

The Austin Chronicle profiles 3 SXSW rock docs, including “SW30″: “His songs sound like ballads from another dimension or at least another state of mind…”

SpoutBlog’s SXSW interview with Kijak can be heard here.

Austin declares SW30 one of the “standout films” of the fest: “an unprecedented profile of the reclusive musical genius.”

30 Century Man is featured in the IFC News Special: SXSW ‘07 “Behind The Badge” airs all this month on IFC.
TiVo it: “IFC News: South By Southwest, Behind The Badge”
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(All times are EST.)

THE SUNDAY TIMES (London) “As a new film shows, he’s the rock icon’s rock icon.”

The Village Voice Tribeca interview with SK.

Talking Movies with the BBC.

“Documenting a Musical Outsider”’s interview w/ SK & GH

GGG interviews Sk for HARP magazine on the eve of our Seattle Film Fest screenings. (correction: it was Colin and not Thom sniffing “Scott 4″)

Brian Wise interviews SK in Melbourne on Off The Record on RRR-radio

Tucson Weekly talks to SK as SW30 is set to kick off the 07′ edition of the Tucson Film & Music Fest.’s video interview with direcor Stephen “Hijak”, filmed over breakfast during the Tribeca Film Festival 2007 is posted HERE. Mmmm, bacon.

Alienated in Vancouver interviews SK.

SK on, interviewed when the film was screened at the NEMO Festival in Paris, April 2008.

Simon Raymonde - a reflection on Scott…

Interview with Canada’s Punk.TV, all punk misspellings intact.

On the eve of “Drifting & Tilting” at the Barbican, Scott talks to Sean O’Hagan at the Guardian.

Dylan at Big States speaks with SK.

SK discusses SW with music writer Grahame Thompson on WNYC’s SOUNDCHECK.

IndieWIRE’s new interview with Kijak.

SK “gets psychic at the Chelsea Hotel” with Mia Hanson.

“Flowing outside of time…” SK interview on Kathy Fennessy’s blog AndMoreAgain.

Some pre-San Fran Industry Buzz from the SF Chronicle

Johnny Ray Huston & SK get all brainiac about SW on the SF Bay Guardian Blog: Pixel_Vision.

LA Weekly: Advance buzz on our Tribute to Scott Walker: Live at Bordello.”Walker’s art presents melancholy as something energizing, a complexity often absent from pop’s constant demands for a milder climate.”

Sk chats with

Scott Timberg chats with SK, Adam Yauch, Laurie Anderson, Chris Walter and Jarvis Cocker in The LA Times. reports on the Scott Walker Nite Flight in Los Angeles!

“Centuries in the making…” Filter-Mag’s Kyle MacKinnel speaks with SK.