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Bowieblogs on 30 Century Man: Drift over to Bowienet for some wonderful commentary from the sons and daughters of the silent age.

a review from a great arts & culture blog called Spank The Monkey.

Yahoo Group regular Robert Van Gameren contributes this review for Platelin Online Magazine. (His is in English, below the record reviews.)

from a blog called Stereogum, complete with snarky jaded hipster back-talk.

Anticipation grows for our Berlinale screening over at Ana Karina’s Sweater.

…and now Ana Karina’s Sweater weighs in.

Momus (& his pixie friends) saw the film in Berlin…

Club Kingsnake, a great blog. Christie Keith interviewed me for but has been writing about the film on Kingsnake - one of my fave interviews, she is probably a bigger music geek than I am and it was such a pleasure to talk to another die-hard Scott Walker fan. Her official review is on the way…

Blog blurb from American-Statesman’s Michael Barnes: “What a film!”

The Playlist’s commentary on Tribeca screening #2.

“Really enjoyed it, thanks.” says Mapsidaisical. You’re very welcome.

Gettingshitdone saw one film at Tribeca. Thanks GSD.

“highly recommended for anyone into music in general or of course Scott Walker in particular.” says GuruGeorge

Scott vs. Joe: on danielgiraffe’s blog

Scott W is a Righteous Brother says Slog - a pre-Seattle teaser on The Stranger’s blog site.

Wowing ‘em in Finland - a Midnight Sun Film Frest wrap-up from Indiewire.

Reviews and commentary from the Melbourne Film Fest courtesy of Bop-Radar’s blog

Cathode Ray Tube on the DVD and on his own discovery of Scott Walker

Free tee and all…enter SwissToni’s Place

Blog Bests - 2007:

one of the Best of 2007…says Eyes Wired Open

Obey The Time’s ‘Best of 2007′ list which includes a brilliant selection of new music and re-issues, (and a few films about music.)

“an illuminating film that shines a light on a great, sadly underground, artist, whose career has covered a wider spectrum than perhaps anything else, and is still ‘pushing the envelope’. ” says the Moving World Film Review

Kijak blogs on about the Oslo Film Fest.

PixelVision’s blog about the Vancouver fest screening.

Fabric of Folly posts a list of the Top Twenty Best Films About Music.

Let the US buzz begin…on BigStates, fac51x, Club Kingsnake

SK guest-stars on Ted Hope’s blog “These Are Those Things.” A blog about inspiration.

You Still Believe in Me still believes in Scott.

Amusing comments from the Brooklyn Vegans.

SK guest-posts on another great Ted Hope blog: Let’s Make Better Films. A short essay on finding the emotional truth of a subject in the documentary form.

 Limewire’s music blog  “can’t recommend it enough.”

Super-blogger Christie Keith continues her valiant support  of SW30 -”even the trailer is brilliant.”

Amoeba Records blog :  Attention all Bay Area Scott Walker fans!

SW is World Famous in San Francisco. (Thanks Tom!)

Valerie almost broke down and bought the movie on dvd, but “whew”, waited and experienced Big Screen Scott.

“Each incarnation of Scott is given a thorough examination” says Danny P of Plotbox, ” I can’t recommend it enough.”

“Fascinating film…” Berkeley Bob on MogBlog

Renowned Rock Photog Chris Walter joins SK at the LA Preem of SW30.

Spork contemplates the Scottumentary on the eve of it’s arrival in Denver…

PowerPop’s blog on this “very cool new rock film.”

A slideshow of pics from the Scott Walker Tribute night at Bordello, downtown LA.

“”If there was ever a movie to be seen in a state of the art movie theater with digital surround sound, it would be this documentary…” states the blog Coffee, coffee and more coffee

Playlist asks: “Are Rock Documentaries Dying” but then says: “rent Stephen Kijak’s “Scott Walker: 30 Century Man” when it hits DVD later this summer; other than “Anvil: The Story Of Anvil!” it’s one of the better ones out there.”

Michael Azerrad writes about one of my favorite DVD extras (the Brian Eno interview, and his comments about lyrics) in his blog You and What Army.

Dennis Cooper: A mid-year round-up of loose candidates for my year-end Best-of 2009 Top 10 lists.

“Like a flashlight beaming into a dark room…” Acme Video - great blog from a great video store in Providence, RI.

“There’s enough “lost geniuses of music” to power a festival lineup. And such a mythical billing would certainly have Scott Walker as a headliner.” VH1 Docs that Rock blog by Warren Cohen

The release of the DVD in the USA prompts this round-up of Walker’s career on  “Between The Drift, the documentary, a sublime guest vocal on the Bat for Lashes album Two Suns, and his 2007 score for modern dance, And Who Shall Go to the Ball?, this is the most furious creative harvest from Walker we’ve seen in decades. Is pop music’s J.D. Salinger back for good?”and these comments about the film.

“Holy hell, just finished watching the documentary. Blew me away. I recommend this to anyone remotely interested in poetry, the abstract art or anyone with a big imagination…” Just a short but amusing thread about the film.

“Hats off to Oscilloscope Laboratories, the production and distribution company founded last year by Adam Yauch of the Beastie Boys, for picking up this wonderful film and getting it out on DVD.” Thanks ! A former vinyl junie and 60’s music head re-discovers Scott by accidentally stumbling across our film - very nice write-up on his blog…The Biped’s Monitor.

“I was hooked. Listening to his songs I started to hear how much he influenced people like David Bowie, Richard Hawley, The Smiths, Brian Eno, Antony and the Johnsons. And how dark and disturbing his music really is. And beautiful. Even though I really don’t like it. But it does something to me and now I am all over the internet trying to hear more of it. Trying to figure out what is happening in these songs, wanting to talk to people about it. I think I might join the cult.

So see the movie. You’ll for sure forget all your troubles. ” from Fortune Favors the Bold

“he just makes worlds, enormous worlds, and everything he does is so textured and brilliant and seven light years beyond what anyone else’s brain can really comprehend. fucking capricorns.  you really don’t have to like or have any idea who scott walker is to enjoy this film. so good.” Ritual Presence

“For those who saw the “30 Century Man” documentary (and I strongly recommend you do), the brief section where they listen to “Tilt” in a church-like building was a revelation.” I’m not exactly sure what scene that is! (the “Pola X” scene?) but this is a very good “new appraisal” of Scott’s magnificent 1995 album “Tilt”.

Some “Best of 2009″ buzz from for Nicole Atkins’ cover of “The Seventh Seal” from our tribute album, and for the film….”This is the best film about music this year”

“I’ve been haunted by Stephen Kijak’s “Scott Walker: 30 Century Man” for two weeks now…” a new Fan is Born! on itsamadmadblog2

“Bob Dylan has meant more to me than Scott Walker musically but I enjoyed 30 Century Man more than any Dylan doco I have seen.” All about music docs…on

“What got to me this time were two of the extras…”  Another look at SW30, this time on DVD: Bunklelife

“The World’s Strongest Man; An Appreciation of the 30th Century Man” a great personal essay about discovering Scott’s music and a bit of an appreciation of the film too.

“Why I Love Scott Walker” yet another wonderful appreciation of the man and the music (and the “phenomenal documentary” - cheers mate!)

“To be pleased with the process, alone, and unfettered by what anyone thinks…this is the ultimate goal.” Amber Benson’s Official Blog

A round-up of recent rock-docs from The Joplin Globe begins with SW30…”Walker was ahead of his time.”

SW30 “Murders Mystery (in a good way)” says a blog called Sleep Never.

Stereogum’s 10 Best Indie Rock Docs!