The SW30 Tribute Album


Lakeshore records. Release date: April 27

“Duchess”  Peter Broderick
“Big Louise” Sally Norvell
“World’s Strongest Man” Damon & Naomi
“Manhattan”  Saint Etienne
“The Electrician”  Laurie Anderson
“The Seventh Seal”  Nicole Atkins
“Montague Terrace (in Blue)” Dot Allison
“The Bridge”  Bee & Flower
“Rhymes of Goodbye” Stephanie Dosen
“It’s Raining Today”  Ulrich Schnauss
“A Lover Loves”  Jarboe
“Such a Small Love”  Little Annie & Paul Walfisch

Not a soundtrack, but an extension of the work I’ve done with the film, continuing to follow and celebrate the influence of our man Scott. While a few men made the cut, the original idea was to get female voices to attack the songs - just a new way in…the resulting album is an almost eerily calm, nocturnal affair - in stark opposition to the industrial dramatics of The Drift. I could have kept going, vol. 2, vol. 3….well, if we sell enough of these, maybe we’ll get a crack at another.

That said - order yours today…


Some press regards the release…

The Playlist

9 out of 10: Zach Freeman on Blogger New Network

4 out of 5: MOG blog. “One of the real marvels is seeing a female take on Scott’s work.”


Tiny Mix Tapes : “Whereas many tribute albums are wrought with missteps and throwaways, this whole collection is solid…If the quality of an artist’s work can be ascertained by how their material is reinterpreted by fans and fellow artists, then this long-overdue collection does a fine job of hinting at Scott Walker’s underrated genius.”

“…often radical reimaginings of the source material…a worthwhile complement to the documentary.”