Nov 2006: UNCUT magazine’s 50 Best Albums of 2006. At #25, The Drift. Read all about it via a handy summary from the Scott Walker Yahoo group (including a capsule review of the recently re-issued box set. Nice)

***Recently added “One star or six star” TimeOutLondon Review.

First major article in the American press - FILTER MAGAZINE

5 Stars from Observer Music Monthly

Anthony Reynold’s excellent review is here…

and here you’ll find commentary from Momus on his livejournal blog. (“All is strangeness! Spring dies screaming! Art is reborn!”)

Trouse Press’ comprehensive overview of Scott’s career, now with a review of The Drift.

New York Magazine reviews The Drift

Five Stars from The Guardian

The Guardian Interview

The Independent

Australia weighs in on the Drift in The Age

The full WIRE interview transcript

Five more stars…

Sydney Morning Herald review and interview.

Brian Turner of WFMU (”The freeform radiostation of the nation!”) writes about Scott and offers his opinion on The Drift here.

HOT PRESS magazine from Ireland…9 out of 10! “The best mysteries come in triads, like the Sibyl’s three visits to king Tarquin and the three prophetic books he ended up with…”

9 out of 10 from Pitchfork. “Even at its most dissonant and abstract, this record is human to the core.”

“a work of staggering emotional sentiment and complexity” says Dusted Magazine.

“Antonin Artaud would have approved.” posits

“It could just as well exist in any other medium—say, as a wall-size painting or a dense experimental film.” says Tim Kinsella of the Chicago Reader.

Scott talks to The Age.

The New York Times review.

Wisely categorizing it under Alternative/Punk (we heard some hapless record store had filed a copy under ‘Easy Listening”!),eMusic Magazine calls it “the richest and most rewarding music of Walker’s long, strange career.”

“Like Wagner, Walker faces charges of pretentiousness and grandiosity. But I think that to be truly pretentious or grandiose requires condescension. Walker never condescends.” says Sam Jack at

And here is the BBC online review with reader commentary.

Cherwell 24, Oxford University’s student newspaper.

From the streets of Galway…a capsule review from the Athlone Advertiser.

The AV Club’s Andy Battaglia gives the Drift an A- (oh come on, only an A-!?)

Interview and analysis from Canada’s Globe and Mail: “What separates him from the crowd is his disregard for limits.”

it’s like the One Ring that ruled them all” contends David Murphy at Contact Music.

Even puts in its two cents - “brave and uncompromising. It’s also weird.”

The detailed and in-depth article by Thom Jureck: “one of the most unclassifiable records ever to come down the pipe in the (dis)guise of rock.” And the Allmusic review.
The Drift—in all its nightmarish, bloody glory—is as bold and profound a comment on our times as has emerged so far this century.” says PopMatters.

The Brooklyn Rail is Taking it Uneasy with the Drift. shouts: “ It could pass for some bizarre record beamed in from a future in which all other music has been forgotten.”

Peter Wing reporting for London Student Online Edition finds a “shambolic brilliance.”
LA Citybeat thinks “it’s perversely worth it.”

File under “exotic” and “high concept” says the LA Weekly capsule review. And here is a longer, expanded article that says The Drift is — stranger, harsher, more obscure, more brain-searingly beautiful and more chillingly, terrifyingly real than anything since its sequestered twin sister, Nico’s The Marble Index.”

An exploration cinematic sounds, including, what else, The Drift - San Antonio Current

The Drift strikes UNCUT with ” a lurid, imagistic and nightmarish urgency”

“Like Edvard Munch’s “The Scream” set to music” says Treble.

The Boston Phoenix finally posts a review here.
“Genius? Yes. Godlike? Ditto.” asserts the Philadelphia Inquirer.

And here is a review by a devoted fan, frequent poster on the Scott Walker Yahoo group, our friend Robert van Gameren from the Netherlands - thanks Robert!

“Yes there are people in the world who do not love Scott Walker, but what must their hearts be like?” Stuart Maconie, NME

“an absurdly pretentious album” says Jess Harvell in Baltimore City Paper.Stylus Magazine decides it is “the least funny Scott Walker album ever made”.

“rudderless” , claims some reviewer at Seattle’s The Stranger.

The Drift gives David Dunlap Jr at Washington City Papaer a “Pretension Headache”.

Thanks to Sonja at Beggars Banquet in NYC for sending a fresh batch of press from the US - Alternative Press, Spin, Time Out NY, a big feature in Magnet and more…the continental drift continues apace…“the sonics are consistantly stunning”…”Hell’s preferred crooner fully tears the lid off!”…”a nightmare you look forward to repeating”…”hallucinatory”…”soaring, roaring”…read on:

Absolute Sound






Time Out Chicago


and just when you thought you have read it all…a great reaction to the Drift from some chap’s blog (scroll down to the pic of scott w/ the guitar) - I feel like I’m sitting there with him listening along. (thanks for the tip-off Robert…)

and, another best of 2006…at #3…

Musings on The Drift at A Personal Miscellany: here and here.

NATHANTOWN asks: Why is THE DRIFT so frightening…?

From a blog called Moodswings Favorites - probably says it better than anybody, really: “Sure, Scott’s music isn’t of the easy-on-the-ear variety but once it’s in your heart, it stays forever!”

“The best album ever made” claims 5:4

“It is beautiful, hideous, adventurous, glorious, demented…challenging in the extreme and not for the faint-hearted. Having said that, this is a work of such genius and beauty that, to me, it is like opera.” says MP3Maniaco

A “review” of the design and packaging of the album: Hard format

A man find’s “Tilt” in the only used record store in Kuwait and has this to say about it…(scroll down for his review)